Meltup 008 – David Vidales & Monika Lejman Sacristan


I det här avsnittet får vi lära känna min vän Monika lite bättre. Hon är en av de mest drivna personerna jag känner och bjuder alltid på ett glatt humör.

Så här kan man läsa om Monika på

With a bubbly personality, a broad education and background in dance, and most notably, with an intense passion to awaken and spread the love and joy of dance – Monika’s presence will inspire and motivate everyone around her. As of 2014, she is one of Sweden’s own Zumba® Education Specialists, and also runs her own dance studio Dansplatsen, located in Stockholm. Monika was born in Poland, but grew up dancing in Sweden before she completed training at the University College of Dance in Stockholm, where she graduated in 2004. Ballet and jazz dance were the focus of her training for many years but she also has some ballroom competitions up her sleeve, as well as a Masters degree in Polish Folkdance. Today, between running weekly dance and fitness classes she also hosts dance workshops and projects, organizes fitness events and is a vibrant source of inspiration for exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Se Monika in action.

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